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To be honest, the only business we share your information with is PayPal to process your monthly payment. We don’t need to share with anyone else.

Category: Support

On Friday 2 April 2021, SwishHost (our web-hosting partner) came under a unprecedented network attack. This led to a total shut down of the SwishHost network for a number of days to public access. We’re confident that no personal data (or any data) was accessed. However, we’d rather be safe than sorry which is why we’re asking you to change your password.


As for the differences in plans. We’ve just renamed them and added more cool features. Our Diamond Plan will not be first in line for access when SwishMusic drops later this year.

Category: Billing

Yes, you’ll still be charged on PayPal on our old plan names. Our team will monitor payments to ensure they continue to go through correctly. Any payments that are cancelled or missed will lead to account suspension.